When attempting to date in the Philippines, one of the biggest things holding Western men back is a lack of information/education. With lots of Philippine women just waiting to be swept off their feet, the tips we have today could be the difference between making mistakes and being the one to do the sweeping. Let’s take a look!

Understand the Culture Gap

Let’s not forget, you’re from completely opposite sides of the planet. When you find somebody you click with instantly, it’s an amazing feeling. Yet, there’s always going to be some differences between you. For example, you might be known for your sarcasm. While this is funny to your friends, your Filipina girlfriend might take statements on face value and struggle to see the joke. If you have to explain something a couple of times, don’t get frustrated. Instead, understand that you’re actually from different worlds.

Don’t Forget the Work

Sometimes, you have to work. If you want to take your prospective girlfriend out for a date, you both need to remember this. Of course the lifestyle in the Philippines seems to easy and hassle free, but only as long as you have money. No matter how sweet the life with your Philippine date is, say sometimes no and don’t forget to work…

Choose Carefully and Enjoy the Loyalty

If you’re in the Philippines already, everybody is probably telling you to avoid bar girls… and we agree. Unfortunately, many Western men have had their lives destroyed by bar girls. Just look online and you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of stories saying the same thing.

More often than not, a Filipina bar girl will tell you she’s in love just to get more money. Instead, make good decisions and fall in love with the right girl. The internet is a good alternative to visiting clubs and bars. There you can find many hard working and honest Philippine girls.

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Step Up for the Family

If you’ve been invited to meet the parents/family, recognize what this means – you’re important to her and the relationship is serious. In what is still a very traditional country, it’s not common for a girl to ask a guy to meet the parents (especially a Western guy!).

Get Used to the Jokes

Will your friends really laugh and make jokes when you tell them about your Filipina girlfriend? Probably. As long as you don’t let it affect you, there’s no need to worry. After meeting your girlfriend, they will see that you’re both serious and that she isn’t just a bar girl looking for money. Even though the jokes might continue after this, it’s just what comes with falling in love with an Asian woman.

Communication is Key

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, but it’s even more important when the two individuals are from different countries. As Filipinas can speak English very well and if you are from an English speaking country, there shouldn’t be too many problems. But if your English is not the best, there might be some difficulties in communication. There are only two ways to avoid that: You have to improve your English skills or must learn Tagalog.

Have Fun

We hope this information has helped, don’t worry too much that you forget to have a good time. Don’t overthink, be respectful and show your manners like you would do everywhere else, compliment your girl, and enjoy getting to know another human being.

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