If you fell in love in the Philippines and have a Filipina girlfriend, then you might be thinking about the idea to bring your Filipina back to your home. In this blogpost we reveal you 9 pros and cons of bringing your Filipina girlfriend back home.

Pros of Bringing Your Filipina Girlfriend Home

Here are 4 pros of bringing your Filipina girl back home.


Have you ever had a fight with your Filipina girlfriend that has gone on for a number of days? Probably not. Filipinas have a reputation for forgetting when things go wrong. Rather than stewing on an argument and hating you for a period of time, they will seek reconciliation. This characteristic is especially important if you are bringing your girlfriend back home.

Sex Life

Filipinas love to have sex with the right person. Hey, the birth-rate in the Philippines is not without a reason that high… Generally in Asia many women see it as very normal to have a lot of sex with their partners, also out of the fear to loose their men to another woman. Since it would be counterproductive to withhold sex, Philippine girls like an active sex life even after marriage.


Women from the Philippines are known around the world for their beauty. Many pretty models and beauty pageants are coming from the Philippines. Filipinas have an exotic look, a petite body and even looking great if they are getting older. Asian women in general will take care of themselves and ensure that they age with grace. After bringing your Philippine girlfriend home, you will have the girl that you love for many years to come.


Filipinas are caring, kind and approachable. It is really hard to not like them and even back in your country she will be the rising star in your neighbourhood. Their petite and kind appearance is everywhere welcome. No matter who, your friends, your grandma or even your mother will love your Filipina girlfriend for that.


Cons of Bringing Your Thai Girlfriend Home

Where are pros, there are of course also some cons. Here we listed you 5 cons of bringing your Philippine girl back to your home country.


Philippine girls are very jealous! Compared to Filipina girls, western girls tend to allow their partners more freedom. But Philippine women for example, are not really happy allowing their partners to go to the pub with the boys to watch football, or spend a night out in the club.

Home Sickness

If you bring back your Filipina to your country, she has to adapt to her new environment. Home sickness will definitely one big issue when you bring back your Philippine girlfriend to Europe or the United States. At all times, you need to be aware of your girlfriend’s feelings. If you fail to be a good partner to her in a whole new country, they may end up resenting you and missing home to the point where they want to return.

Family Loyalty

The family comes first. This is also in many other Asian countries like that. Even if you are married with your Filipina, you should always remember, that she will probably put her family in first place. Even before you! You have to accept and adapt to it, otherwise you will have a lot of trouble in your relationship.

Cultural Differences

When bringing your Philippine girlfriend back home, you must to know, that she might have difficulties with the cultural differences and the lifestyle. In you country, your girl will be out of her comfort zone and it might make you notice more differences than ever before. Of course she has to adapt to the new lifestyle in her new home country but you should support her in this point as good as possible to make her stay with you forever.


Finally, this won’t apply to all cases, but communication could be a problem when bringing your Filipina girlfriend back home. If you are from an English speaking country, everything should be fine. But if you are from other places in Europe and your English skills are not the best, you may encounter some problems in daily life. Also the fact that she will get trouble to communicate with other people in your country might be a big issue. If you bring your Filipina back to another country than the UK or the USA, you should be aware, that communication will be one of the biggest issues. Only if she is open to learn your local language the relationship has a chance to last forever…


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