Women from the Philippines are just amazing. They are beautiful, kind, lovely and always smiling. They are also well known as good care takers and fulfilling every wish to their partners. All these attributes are the reason, why many men around the globe want to get a Filipina girlfriend. In this blogpost we explain you everything about how to get a Filipina girlfriend. By the end, you should know everything you need to get a nice girlfriend from the Philippines in no time!

Introduce a Healthy Lifestyle

It is not a cliché, it is really true that women are into men who seemingly have everything in order. In the Philippines, women tend to be turned off by a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle. Since most women themselves are in good shape, they want to be with somebody who is also healthy.


Have Good Hygiene

You could have all the money and all the personality in the world, but it all counts for nothing if you don’t take care of your appearance and personal hygiene. On the Philippines a good appearance is important. Of course, this is exactly the same as at home. Better don’t turn up to a date in Bermuda shorts, sandals, and a tank top. Wear a casual smart dress and you are on the right way!


Be Unique

In the Philippines, there are many foreigners, especially in cities like Manila and Angeles City. Stand out of the crowd and present yourself in a unique and descent way. Don’t be one of the other thousands of foreigners in the Philippines and show your girl, why you are unique and better than the rest. For example, do the following:

  • Treat your date well
  • Be a gentleman (pull her chair out, open doors, etc)
  • Show interest in the Filipino culture
  • Make your girl laugh
  • Learn to listen to her and be a good partner and advisor for her life.


Try Dating Platforms

Dating platforms are essential if you want to get a Filipina girlfriend. It is better if you stay aways from girlie bars and nightclubs. Most of the girls there are just into money. On online dating apps & websites like Flirteezy you can find plenty of hard working and honest Filipina girls. Some are just seeking an adventure, others a long lasting relationship. If you want to find a real Filipina girlfriend, then we can only recommend you to stick to online-dating.


Understand and Adapt to the Filipino Lifestyle

The life in the Philippines is slightly different than in Europe or the United States. People are living day by day and are not taking everything so serious. As a foreigner you have to adapt to this easy life in the Philippines. If you do not try to understand this way of living, then problems with your girlfriend will arise quickly.


It is more fun in the Philippines – So, Have Fun!

Lastly, and we can’t emphasis this enough, HAVE FUN. You’re in an amazing country going on dates with beautiful women, there’s really no need to put pressure on yourself. If you go on a date and there isn’t a connection, you can still have a great afternoon/evening or night. After deciding that you aren’t right for each other, smile and move on to the next date. That doesn’t mean that you you should treat anybody bad or change your girl regularly. But do not put yourself under pressure to find a girlfriend in the Philippines.


Now you know what to obey when searching a girlfriend in the Philippines. Get out there and find your girl of your dreams with Flirteezy.

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