Flirteezy is an international dating app and very popular in Asia as well. Especially in the Philippines we have ten-thousands of members and Flirteezy is one of the best options to find your dream girl or holiday adventure. In this guide we explain you, how you can find Filipina girls by using Flirteezy.

Find Philippine Women by Using the Match Feature

The Flirteezy Match Feature (only available on mobile) is a great way to find Filipinas in the Philippines. With the Match Feature we provide you a location based search. You can swipe through all the profiles which are near around your actual GPS-Location. Especially if you are in places like Manila, Angeles City, Cebu or Boracay, the match feature is a great way to meet Philippine girls quick and easy.


Find Filipinas by Using Flirteezy Search Filters

But let’s take it a step further. If you want to find Philippine women at another location than your actual one, you can use our Search and Filter Feature. Flirteezy lets you search for Philippine Women in the most popular locations such as Manila, Angeles City, Cebu, Boracay, Subic, Olongapo and almost every other city in the Philippines. It’s really easy to get started.

To use our comprehensive search and filter function you need at least a Gold Account. If you signed up for that membership level, your search function will be unlocked and you can easily search for Filipino girls with Flirteezy in the Philippines but also worldwide!

Just hit the search button, setup your filter and choose the location you want to find nice Philippine girls. That’s it! We made everything simple and straightforward for you!

Note: Flirteezy is always a great option to meet Asian girls worldwide and especially filter for them! We are one of the few dating apps on the market, which allow you to filter your search results for ethnicity. This way you can filter out all the other girls in your search results and focus on the type you like. No matter where your are, Flirteezy shows you always amazing Asian girls – worldwide!

After setting your filters you can browse though the search results and check out thousands of nice Philippine girls…


Messaging your Philippine Girl

Flirteezy offers you unlimited free contacts to other users. If you found your lovely Filipina with our search and filter option, the next step is to send her a message. This is safe for you and her and very convenient to keep all your communication in one place. We also provide a video chat feature with our Diamond Membership. This way you can have a video chat with your Philippine girl in a save environment.

How to Send a Good First Message

  • Be polite 🙏. Philippine women may not respond well to the edgy messages that work on women back home.
  • Use Emojis 😘. Emojis really pop out. They are also making the chat or flirt more fun and it is very common to use tons of Emojis and stickers in Asia…
  • Pick something interesting from their profile to show that you read it. Personal messages always stand out much more than just „Hi“, „Hey“ or „How are you“.
  • If you know some Filipino phrases, you can use them as well. Many Philippine girls like that and it is also always entertaining for them, if a foreigner tries to use Tagalog.

Know you know how to find Philippine girls with Flirteezy in no time… Sign up and try it yourself!

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