Dating in Angeles City is not easy but definitely has the right thing for everyone. In this blogpost we have summarized five top tips for dating girls in Angeles City. Whether you’re new to Angeles or you just need some help finding love in the city, you’re in the right place here. Of course it’s true that Angeles is home to the biggest red-light district in the Philippines, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t normal girls too. In the end Angeles City has to offer the right thing for everybody. No matter if your are looking for a hook up, casual dates or even the real love…

Here are our 5 secrets to dating Angeles City girls for every occasion.

1. Learn to Recognize a Bar Girl

Many Western men have had their hearts (and wallets) broken by a bar girl from the Philippines. Therefore, it’s important that you understand the difference between a normal girl and a bargirl in the Philippines. This is not only important if you are seeking the real love, but also can help you to find the right partner for an uncomplicated hook up too. Here are the characteristics that bargirls in Angeles City normally tend to have:

  • They speak weaker English than more educated girls
  • They ask for money
  • They attempt to get sponsors on social media
  • They choose revealing clothing
  • They work late nights
  • They tend to have several boyfriends at once

2. Avoid Bar Girls if you are not looking for a hook up

If you are seeking the real love, then you should definitely avoid bargirls in Angeles City. Although they might seem interested in you, they’re known for their manipulation. In fact, many even pretend to fall in love just to keep you trapped (and supplying them with funds!). Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and some bar girls will be genuine with their intentions. However, we advise to protect yourself and use your mind before loosing everything.

If just a little bit of fun is everything you want, then bargirls in Angeles City are pretty easy to get. But just always keep in mind, that it can get hard to maintain the relationship if you fall in love with her…


3. Use a dating site to get what you want!

The majority of people nowadays are online. If you’re serious about meeting somebody, dating apps are the place to be. Here you can find everything, from flirts to real love or even hook ups. Online dating gives you all the possibilities at your finger tips.

Don’t worry, modern online dating is fun, safe and easy to use. Flirteezy is the perfect dating app in Angeles City. There are thousands of girls in Angeles City registered with the right match for everyone. No matter if you just seek a little bit fun for your holiday or a serious relationship.

Here we have some great tips to keep in mind when dating with Flirteezy in Angeles City:

  • Always keep your respect for the girl. Treat every girl well and be polite, no matter if your chat partner is a bargirl or office worker.
  • Respect a No! If your girl doesn’t reply or don’t want to meet you, then accept it. Don’t worry too much, there are plenty of fish in the sea.
  • Offer a video chat before meeting in person. This way you can find out if the profile is real or not and get familiar to each other. The video chat feature is provided with Flirteezy Diamond plan.
  • Respect the Filipino culture. Be polite, do not harass the girls and you are on a good way for a date. Filipino girls are well known to be very open to meet new people as long as you respect them.

4. Do not rely only on online-dating

If you don’t like using websites/apps, or perhaps you want to extend your efforts to real life. Then you should visit these places in Angeles City to meet girls.

Cafes and Restaurants – Cafes and Restaurants are an ideal place to meet girls. Almost 24hours per day you can find a spot where girls are hanging out. If they are alone, you can approach them in a kind manner and ask for the phone number. The best places to find girls in Angeles City are the Cafes and Lounges at the entrance to the Fields Avenue as well as some spots on Fields Avenue.

The Shopping Mall – The big SM Mall in Angeles City is a great place for dating. Whether you’ve spotted somebody who works in the mall or is just visiting, now is the time to step up. Of course, we aren’t saying you should creepily stalk people walking around the mall. However, you can approach people for conversations with confidence. Angeles City girls are not really shy and so you could have great chances of success in the shopping malls in Angeles City.

Bars – Well, bars are the easiest way to meet girls in Angeles City. In the girlie bars you can find plenty of bargirls. If this is what you want, then go ahead.

5. Famous Clubs

Not many other cities in the Philippines, are offering such a vibrant nightlife like Angeles City. There are many famous clubs, all of them are located on the infamous Fields Avenue Walking-Street. The clubs there are really an excellent spot to meet girls in Angeles City. Here you can find freelancers, bargirls and normal girls working in local factories or studying at the universities in Angeles City. Although Angeles City is very lively every day, compared to other cities in the Philippines, the most girls are going to the clubs on Friday and Saturday night.

You can have a drink or two, talk with some girls and maybe exchange numbers. But keep in mind, clubs in Angeles City are very loud and always packed. If you are not into this kind of nightlife, you should better stick to online-dating with Flirteezy. There you can also find many girls who are regularly visiting the nightclubs in Angeles City.

In terms of clubs in Angeles City, we recommend one of the following to check-out:

  • High Society
  • Hammer Disco
  • Aqua Beach Club (rooftop party zone)


Summary: Dating girls in Angeles City

We hope that our 5 secrets to date girls in Angeles City are helpful for you. So you can meet new people with confidence. We hope you find what you want, anyway we strongly suggest to use Flirteezy in Angeles City – it is the latest dating hype in Asia!

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