When Filipina girls are mentioned, it’s fair to say that most people immediately think of two different types; the “bar girls” and the “normal girls”. In our experience, there’s actually three different types of women in the Philippines that you’ll find. If you want to date a woman in the Philippines, we think it’s important to understand the differences between them. With this in mind, allow us to break them down below!

Bar Girls

Since bar girls seem to get the most attention, allow us to explain these women first. If you’ve been on a few nights out in the Philippines, we can almost guarantee that you’ve bumped into a few bar girls. In Manila, Angeles City, and other big cities, you’re likely to come across bar girls in nightclubs.

Raised in poor families, normally in Mindanao, they see their work in clubs and bars as a serious job. Whenever they earn money, some goes towards their education and lifestyle while the rest tends to go home to their family.

Unfortunately, their poor reputation comes from their desire to earn money. Since they earn more on this scene than they ever could in a day job, they’re very rarely willing to forgo this lifestyle for a Western man. If you fall in love with a bar girl, make sure she is genuine with her intent, learn more about her, and assess whether or not she will change her profession for you. Bar girls have broken many a Western hearts, so don’t give everything away so easily.


Traditional Filipina Girls

On the other hand, people normally think about traditional Filipino girls as “regular” or “normal”. Many work long hours in their day job, they don’t socialise in clubs and bars all too much, and the majority haven’t yet dated a foreign guy. Unlike what you may have experienced at home, Philippine women don’t like casual dating. If you’re a few dates in, they will probably see you as their boyfriend already. For traditional Filipina women, they take marriage and love very seriously; they believe in giving their all to their man. Additionally, they have strong values for:

  • Traditional beliefs
  • Meeting your/her family
  • Religion
  • Children

For most Western men, they find themselves in conversations about marriage within a year. If you aren’t interested and aren’t serious, we highly recommend breaking up before breaking her heart later down the line.

As you may know, traditional Philippine women are shy and conservative in nature. They rarely have tattoos and piercings, they don’t wear too much makeup, and only an emergency will see them ask for money. In fact, most traditional Philippine girls prefer to save money and will help you find cheap hotels, food, salons, shopping malls, etc.


Filipina Gold Diggers

We mentioned the way that bar girls like to earn money, but this is nothing compared to the gold diggers in the Philippines. That’s right, some women will go to clubs every night dressed up in expensive clothing with expensive gadgets, handbags, shoes, and they could even have tattoos. Either way, they look for rich men who will buy them gifts and supplement their expensive lifestyle. While some are happy to stick with one sugar daddy, others will seek multiple sugar daddies, so be careful, as long as you want avoid these women.

For many Filipina gold diggers, they’re happy to keep partying until the sun comes up. Most of the time, they don’t care if you’re talking with other girls because they’re talking or chatting with other men as well. If you choose a gold digger, they will be demanding, they will ask for gifts, and they will prefer material things over your time.

Here’s some tips for recognising a gold digger:

  • She’s always asking for material items and for you to spend money
  • She always seems to prefer fancy restaurants and experiences (rather than just a night in together)
  • She’s direct in asking for money

Of course, we aren’t saying that any girl asking for money is a gold digger. But there’s a difference between running into money problems (and feeling awkward asking for help) and simply asking for you to fund their luscious lifestyle.


No matter what are you looking for, now you should know everything you need to know before dating Filipina girls. Get out there, use Flirteezy and meet your girls form the Philippines.

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